#tpt: Midnight, Texas

25 July 2017

Today’s Top Pick

Last night premiered a new supernatural television show that I think is going to do really well.  The show, Midnight, Texas, is based off a series of books written by Charlaine Harris (the author behind the novels True Blood was based off of).

Following psychic, Manfred Bernardo—played by the gorgeous François Arnaud—the show takes place in the incredibly small town of Midnight, Texas.  Chalk full of strange characters, Manfred isn’t quite sure how he feels about Midnight after arriving in town.

He meets some of the locals, including pawn shop owner Bobo, suspected witch Fiji, vampire Lemuel, fallen angel Joe, hit-woman Olivia, and ordinary human waitress Creek.  He also meets the suspicious Reverend and the town’s Sheriff.  With everyone hiding their own secrets, this town and its inhabitants are full of mystery.

After a body is discovered in the pilot, everyone becomes a suspect.  When the Sheriff asks everyone to stay put in town, Manfred realizes he may be in for more than he bargained for.

I don’t want to give too much away—and I have only seen one episode—but Midnight, Texas feels like a show that I’m really going to enjoy.  It has just the right amount of supernatural intrigue mixed with strong characters and an interesting mystery—and don’t forget, a talking cat!

The witch has a talking cat!

If you’re looking for a new show, I would definitely suggest checking this out.  If you watched the pilot, let me know what you thought of it!!

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