Dan and Micki Take Florida

My sister and I took a little trip to Florida this November, from the 16th to the 30th.  We stayed with our grandparents who have a little place in Lakeland.  Michelle and I had a plan this year—I would pick where I wanted to go for my birthday and she would pick where she wanted to for hers.  I had picked Vegas for 5 days for my 25th, and she picked Disney World, Florida for her birthday.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Disney World

For our Disney trip, we booked two nights at Disney’s All Star Movies Resort—one of the value resorts.  We dropped off our luggage super early and took the free shuttle bus to Magic Kingdom, the park we chose to spend our 2 days.

Ready to take on Magic Kingdom (this was at about 8am)
Ready to take on Magic Kingdom (this was at about 8am)

We arrived at Disney before the park opened so we were able to watch the welcome show.  It really was adorable.  The women were all dressed similar to Mary Poppins and the men looked like Dapper Dans.  Mickey and Minnie come out to welcome everyone to the park and it officially opens.

When we got into the park, we headed left into Adventureland via Main Street, U.S.A and started our adventure.  We managed to get everything done that we wanted to in the first day.  We even did Haunted Mansion—my sister’s favourite—multiple times.  The fireworks at night were phenomenal and I loved that everything was Mickey shaped.

Cinderella's Castle!!!
Cinderella’s Castle!!!

However, overall, I’m a little sad to say that our Disney experience was a little underwhelming.  There were lots of little disappointments that added up, including some of the ones below.

-We waited half an hour in line for hot dogs, only to get to the front of the line, and for them to tell us they ran out a little while ago.  They never had someone let people in line know.  So we waited all that time, for nothing!  Not to mention, a hot dog costs $8!

-Which brings me to my next point, food is insanely expensive.  $10 for a small bucket of popcorn!  $8 for a hot dog!  Breakfast was over $25 and it was pretty small portions.  I paid $5.50 for a rice krispie treat—granted, it was Mickey shaped, and dipped in M&Ms, but still.

-Literally everything was crazy expensive.  Clothing, souvenirs, food…everything.  We were disappointed with the stores and souvenirs.  It was all the same stuff we can buy at Disney stores back home.  Barely anything said Disney World.  There was barely anything for adults.  It was all geared towards kids.  The few women’s shirts we did find all had Minnie Mouse—and still didn’t say Disney World.  News flash, not every woman loves Minnie Mouse.  I ended up not buying any Disney souvenirs.

-When waiting in line for Haunted Mansion one time, the line was not moving for ages.  It was because the ride was temporarily closed, but they never made an announcement or told anyone.  We only knew because people at the front left and let us know.  They should have made an announcement or something, after all, they had speakers throughout the line.

-Most of the little food shops close early, way before fireworks, so it was nearly impossible to find hot chocolate for fireworks, not to mention a little snack.

-When we went to Disney Springs Tuesday we went back to Splitsville—we had gone a few days prior to check it out.  I saw that they had grilled cheese on their kids menu, but not their adult menu.  So I asked if it would be possible to get an adult size one.  The waitress was pretty rude and told me that she couldn’t do that but they had an adult grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes.  So if they did have an adult one, a) why wasn’t it on the menu and b) why couldn’t they just make a plain adult sized one?

-Back to the food.  When it comes to food, there were really bizarre options.  Turkey legs, lots of seafood, meatloaf, bbq mac and cheese, etc.  There weren’t many kid friendly—or normal—options.

-The characters don’t even wander around the park anymore.  There are specific times and areas you have to wait in yet another line to meet them.

Now, on to some good stuff!  All the Mickey shaped food was really cute!

Rice krispie and shortbread cookie
Rice krispie and shortbread cookie
Mickey pretzel
Mickey pretzel
Mickey waffles
Mickey waffles

I did thoroughly enjoy just walking around the park and taking in all the sights.  I also loved all the different areas within the park, Adventureland, Frontierland, Tomorrowland, etc.  It was really neat to see the way they all looked.  Everything within those lands was themed accordingly too.  There was so much to see!  I took a whole lot of photos.  Again, the fireworks were beyond amazing!

Gaston's Tavern-Fantasyland.
Gaston’s Tavern-Fantasyland
Magic Kingdom!
Our favourite--The Haunted Mansion
Our favourite–The Haunted Mansion

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but Disney was a great experience.  Bad experiences and all, I’m glad we went to Disney.  It feels like something everyone has to do at least once in their life.  I also feel like I have a better idea what to expect if I ever go back.


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