The Book of the Month for May 2016 is:

forest of ruinMay’s BOTM is: Forest of Ruin by Kelley Armstrong.  This is the third and final book in Armstrong’s Age of Legends trilogy.  I’ve read quite a few of Kelley Armstrong’s novels and I really enjoy her writing.

The first two novels in this series, Sea of Shadows and Empire of Night introduced us to our two main characters, twin sisters Ashyn and Moria.  As the Seeker and Keeper, the twins were born with the responsibility of quieting the souls of the damned and helping them move on.

In the first two novels, Ashyn and Moria faced the destruction of their village and the betrayal of those they trusted.  Now, in Forest of Ruin, separated for the first time for longer than a night, Ashyn and Moria must figure out where their allegiance lies.

In the hands of the enemy, Moria must find a way to work with Gavril, who betrayed her in the past, and try to outsmart his father, Alvar Kitsune who is trying to overthrow Emperor Tatsu.

Ashyn, reunited with her grandfather that she didn’t even know existed, has discovered that dragons may very well be real, and she may be the only one to awaken them.  Waking the dragons could change the outcome of the war and offer much needed assistance.

I just started reading this book the other day, but I’m really excited to see how this series ends.  I’ve really enjoyed these novels and so far am really liking Forest of Ruin.

The Age of Legends trilogy is full of adventure, romance, and many supernatural creatures, such as thunderhawks, dragons, and fiend dogs (kind of like shadowy hellhounds).

Book One
Book One
Book two
Book Two










This is a really intriguing series that never fails to keep the reader entertained.  I would definitely recommend the Age of Legends trilogy.  Have you read this series?  What are your thoughts?

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