#tpt: Raleigh Ritchie and Orphan Black

Top Pick Tuesdays

Okay guys, so I’m going to start a new weekly feature, Top Pick Tuesdays, where I highlight some of my top picks for the week.  I’m going to be writing about whatever I happen to be watching, reading, or listening to at the time.  Sometimes it’ll be TV shows or movies and sometimes it’ll be books or songs.

Today’s Top Picks

RaleighRitchie_lecool_TomMedwellDeluxe-format-packshot_474e3768-8bf5-4795-997b-023a6cfea3b3_grandeToday’s first pick is an album I’ve been playing on repeat since I first discovered it a few weeks ago: You’re a Man Now Boy by Raleigh Ritchie.  Some of you may recognize Raleigh from Game of Thrones where he plays Grey Worm, one of Daenerys’ most loyal soldiers (he goes by his real name Jacob Anderson for his acting credit).  Released on 26 February 2016 from Columbia Records, this album is made up of many incredible tracks.  In fact, if you decide to give it a listen, which you definitely should, I would make sure to check out the deluxe edition (where there are six extra songs).

Give Bloodsport a listen first—it’s my favourite on the album though it is very hard to choose—as it was the first song I heard and made me want to check out the rest.

The entire album is incredible and I love every minute of it!  You should definitely go listen and don’t forget to let me know what you think!

uh2qyb07AUcUKM5CRukNnv3y4r4My second pick for today is the television show Orphan Black.  Now, I started this show shortly after it first aired in 2013 and fell in love!  However, like most great shows, I do not get the channel that it airs on in my country (Space), so I have to wait for it to come out on dvd to watch it.  For this reason, I am just now on season three.  My dad and I watch this show together so it can be hard to find time when we can both watch, but now that we’ve started a new season, I don’t want to stop.  This show seriously has me hooked!

Orphan Black, for those of you who don’t know, is about a girl, Sarah Manning, who finds out that she is actually a clone!  Throughout the series, we meet new clones and see how the government and other players are involved with these clones.  It’s a big mystery and definitely keeps you coming back for more.  Let’s also talk about how amazing Tatiana Maslany is for taking on this incredible acting role.  She plays not one, not two, not even three main characters.  So far, we have seen at least ten different clones.  Maslany does a phenomenal job of making these characters seem so different, yet you never forget that they are clones.

Helena, Alison, Beth, Rachel, Sarah, Katja, Cosima #cloneclub 

If you like a good thrilling mystery, this is definitely the show for you.  With a little bit of sci-fi, so great humour, and quick pace, Orphan Black is one of today’s top picks!

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