How I Wish Game of Thrones Would End

season 5Yesterday I finished watching season five of Game of Thrones—oh the feels!  I always end up behind watching GoT as I don’t have HBO, so I usually watch the seasons after they’ve come out.  Normally I would watch the season around February/March when my sister and I would house sit for our Aunt and Uncle, but this year, the DVD came in for us at the library.

We finished season five in just a few days and I absolutely loved it!


Okay, so if you are behind on Game of Thrones I would suggest skipping this part!

I was so happy when Cersei finally got what was coming to her!  I’ve absolutely hated her throughout the entire series.  She’s such a hypocrite…and a bitch!  It was kind of funny to see how her own plan backfired against her (and yes, I am a terrible person).

I really hope Margaery gets out of that dungeon.  She does not deserve to be there…at all!  I actually really like her character and hope that she isn’t punished any more than she already has been.

Melisandre needs to die.  Like right away.  I was horrified when Stannis actually went through with burning his daughter alive!  How could he?  Shireen was so adorable!  Her friendship with Davos was super sweet.

I’m so over Arya and Sansa Stark.  Arya is hella annoying and I do not care for her storyline at all.  I would care about Sansa’s if she wasn’t such an idiot all the time.  These bits of the show really bore me—especially the Arya bits.

ugh..the feels!

When I saw that Grey Worm and Missandei were still alive—and being so adorably cute together—I was incredibly relieved.  I was also happy to see that Tyrion finally made it to Daenerys.

I am super worried about Daenerys and where she ended up.  Hopefully she makes her way back to her friends.   I was also terribly heart broken when Jon was stabbed multiple times—which leads me to my idea for how the show should end!!


Now, nobody really knows where the show is going, though many have well thought out theories.  This isn’t a theory by any means; this is just what I want to happen on the show.

After Jon Snow was stabbed, let’s say he definitely, 100% dies.  I think it would be amazing if Jon came back as the King of the White Walkers.  King Snow.  Seems fitting.  Now, just picture it.  He had that blade that could kill white walkers and he never really had a place in the world.  Sure he meshed well with his family, but not everyone saw him as a real member of the Starks (after all, he was just Ned Stark’s bastard…or is he??  The jury’s still out on that one).  His brothers in black never really believed in him and the wildlings never really trusted him.  But the white walkers, they could be a place for Jon Snow to thrive.  He could kill all his “brothers” in the Nights Watch—because I mean, they’re all dicks who betrayed him—and create a huge white walker/undead army and rule all the snowy lands in the North.

Which brings me to the next glorious part of how Game of Thrones should end.  Daenerys Targaryen should release her other two dragons—you know, the ones she chained up underground somewhere in Meereen?  Those ones.  I would really love to see Dany take her dragons and just light everything on fire, taking back her kingdom.  Dany, with Tyrion, Missandei and Grey Worm as her advisors, should rule all the hot, southern lands of the world.

Who wouldn't want to see these two beautiful people ruling the kingdom together?
Who wouldn’t want to see these two beautiful people ruling the kingdom together?

Every once in a while, once a month, year, whatever, Daenerys and Jon Snow should meet up and make cute icy-dragon babies.  The two best rulers, taking over the north and south.  It would be wonderful and I could die happy knowing that these two got what they deserve—a kingdom and each other.  It would be perfect, one ruling with fire and one with ice.

This is the stuff dreams are made of!  I can’t wait to watch season six and actually see what happens!

What would you like to see happen??

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