Albums that I ❤️‍ from Start to Finish

It’s not very often that I find an album that I can play through from start to finish without skipping songs.  However, there comes a time when you find an album that just speaks to you.  This isn’t a very common occurrence in my life, but there have been some albums over the years that have just stuck with me—albums in which I love every song.  The albums I’m going to include in this list are mostly newer albums, as my regular loves—Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Clash (just to name a few)—would immediately take over.  So please, take a look at my go to albums when I need a playlist that I can let play without having to keep checking the song!


adeleThis album was love at first listen!  I’d already heard Hello and couldn’t wait to hear what other songs Adele had included on 25.  I instantly fell in love with all the songs on the album, but my favourite would have to be a tie between Send My Love (To Your New Lover) and River Lea.  This is a really fun album to turn on and belt out when nobody else is around….or you have your headphones on and just don’t realise quite how loud you are singing! 😛

Bastille—Bad Blood

Bastille_-_Bad_Blood_(Album)This album was released a few years ago and was another that I fell in love with right away.  There’s just something about lead singer Dan Smith’s voice that is just swoon worthy.  The first song on this album that I heard was Pompeii and I knew that if the rest of the album was as good I was going to love it—and I was right.  It is really difficult to pick a favourite song on this album, but for the sake of this post, if I had to choose it would have to be Icarus.

Creedence Clearwater Revival—Creedence Gold

ccrNow, I know I said that most of the albums were going to be newer albums, but I can’t have a list like this without including some CCR.  This is actually one of my most played albums on my iPod.  When I can’t pick something to listen to, I tend to come back to this album.  Unlike the other albums on this list, I can’t even begin to pick a favourite song.  I mean, how could I choose between Proud Mary, Down on the Corner, Bad Moon Rising, and Have You Ever Seen the Rain to name a few?  The answer is, I can’t!  CCR is one of those bands that I’ve fallen in love with over the years and just can’t get enough of.

George Ezra—Wanted on Voyage

george ezraWhere do I even begin to describe George Ezra?  His voice is just so captivating and enthralling.  Every song on Ezra’s debut album is full of his incredible range in vocals and just takes your breath away.  When I volunteered at the Pan Am Games last summer, I listened to this album on the drive to my venue almost every day.  I made my family listen to it non-stop as well—thankfully they also like it!  When I listen to this album I still just can’t get over how Ezra can change his voice so much.  It really is amazing!

James Bay—Chaos and the Calm

Chaos_and_the_CalmChaos and the Calm by James Bay is another album that just speaks to me.  The songs on this album are perfect to play when you’re at home doing whatever it is you do.  I like to listen to this album when I’m lying in bed thinking about life—yes, it’s one of those albums…and I am one of those people.  A few of the songs from this album have played at work and always manage to make me smile.  I also can’t help but sing along when they play.  This is a pretty mellow album that makes for perfect all day playing.

Lana Del Rey—Born to Die

BornToDieAlbumCoverThis album comes with a pretty ironic backstory.  I resisted this album for so long simply because everyone else loved it and I didn’t want to be like everyone else.  I remember when my roommate downloaded this album and would play it on repeat.  I used to get so annoyed at her and just kept resisting listening to it for myself.  When I finally did this album a chance, I fell in love.  Lana Del Rey’s voice is actually pretty interesting and works really well with the slower pace of the majority of the songs.  However, the more upbeat, poppy songs on this album are just as good.  I often find myself singing Diet Mountain Dew and Dark Paradise even when I haven’t listened to the album for a while.

Marina and the Diamonds—Electra Heart –The Family Jewels

Marina_and_the_Diamonds_-_Electra_HeartMarina_and_the_Diamonds_-_The_Family_JewelsI discovered these two albums at the same time and loved them right away.  I was in university at the time and looking for some good music to play at my house for doing dishes, taking breaks between writing papers, and just dancing around my house.  One thing to know about me is that I prefer to listen to music when doing basically anything.  I almost always have music on.  It’s a really big part of my life and these two albums are a constant.  I love Marina’s voice and often sing these songs to myself as well.

Mumford and Sons—Sigh No More

MumfordsonssighnomoreAnother debut album from a band that I absolutely love.  Sometimes I love a band’s first album the most because not only was it the first time I heard that band, but they usually have songs on there that just spoke to me at first listen.  This is the case with Sigh No More.  I love Mumford and Sons, but this album will always be my favourite.  There have been other songs over the years that I have loved—Broken Crown for instance—but none that really compare as a whole to this album.  I remember listening to this album on repeat for days when I first heard it.  Though it’s been a little while since I’ve listened to it, I still love it as much as I first did hearing it all those years ago.

My Chemical Romance—Welcome to the Black Parade

BlackparadecoverThis may just be my favourite album on this list for a few reasons.  My love for MCR knows no bounds.  I was in high school and not in a really good place when I first found My Chemical Romance.  I found comfort in their music, specifically the album Welcome to the Black Parade.  I loved MCR so much that I convinced my sister to see them in concert with me in 2007.  It was actually my first concert every—My Chemical Romance at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.  To this day I remember that joy I felt when the band stepped out on stage and started singing my favourite songs.  I still listen to this album quite a bit ad know every song off by heart.  In times of boredom I often find myself singing songs from this album.  For many reasons, My Chemical Romance’s album Welcome to the Black Parade will always be one of my favourites.

One Direction—Made in the A.M.

made in the amI’ve loved One Direction since the beginning, but their latest album is by far my favourite.  Upon hearing this album I remembered why I loved them to begin with.  There’s just so many fun reasons to love this album; Like every other girl out there, I was slightly jealous that my name isn’t Olivia, I was reminded of The Lion King (one of my favourite movies) when listening to Never Enough, and swooned to all the love songs.  I really feel like One Direction stepped up with this album.  It sounds more mature and is very enjoyable from start to finish.

If you have any albums that you can listen to all the way through or ones you just really love, let me know! I’m always down to hear new music!!!

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