Introducing: Little Lord Fauntleroy

Last year I bought an Elf on the Shelf for my family whom we named, Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Though we are a household of adults, we’ve had a lot of fun with Fauntleroy.  He’s quite mischievous and seems to really enjoy his time in the Bergeron household.

Here he is reading up on some good reads in Cosmo magazine:

Day one at the Bergerons.
Day one at the Bergerons.

Little Lord Fauntleroy has made many new friends at the Bergeron household, including these two snowmen who have guarded the front entrance for many a year.

New friends!
New friends!

Our little friend has even found a new way to get around (don’t tell him it doesn’t work)!

Whoa horsey!
Whoa horsey!

With the release of the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, Little Lord Fauntleroy decided to break out his mask and shield to show his support!

Guess which side I'm on!
Guess which side I’m on!

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