Finished Reading: The Gospel of Loki

I recently finished reading The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris and quite liked the story.

When I first discovered this book on Goodreads, I was quite excited. As I’ve written in earlier posts, I absolutely love reading books about various mythological characters. My favourite ancient gods to read about are Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse gods. I find their stories fascinating and love how many authors put a modern twist on such ancient tales.

The Gospel of Loki is told from the perspective of the Trickster God himself, Loki. Harris did a considerable amount of research about Norse mythology before writing this book. From the perspective of Loki, the adventures in this story have been rewritten in a way that complements the Trickster God and showcases his side of history. The concept sounded so amazing that I couldn’t wait to start reading.

Upon picking up the book to finally read, I discovered that it was a tad confusing. There’s so many characters and I found that the book kind of flips all over the place. Each new chapter is a new adventure that Loki embarks on and I found it a bit difficult keeping track of the timeline of when events took place. However, a few chapters in, now comfortable with the pace and writing style of the book, I was able to appreciate the tales that Loki was telling. I realized that the exact timeline didn’t really matter. The big picture was that these individual adventures all led to the fall of Asgard and the Norse gods.

As a whole, The Gospel of Loki is an incredibly interesting novel that puts a new spin on some of the classic Norse stories we all know and love. I found this book was captivating and held my attention very well. The characters were intriguing and I loved seeing a different side than what I would have expected. It was a fun read and definitely one I’d recommend to fans of the Norse gods.

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