Finally Finished Season 4 of Game of Thrones


This post will be full of spoilers..for the night is dark and full of terrors.

Yesterday afternoon I finally finished watching season four of the hit television show Game of Thrones and my mind is still reeling. I’ve tried to piece together my thoughts in the most coherent way.

I am incredibly sad that Oberyn is dead. I thought he was a really interesting character and he was one of the few who had really good morals. He had a really good head on his shoulders, until he got a bit cocky and kept demanding that the Mountain confess. It also helps that he was good looking, but that just added to his charm. Even though I already knew what happened, it’s different actually seeing for yourself. His death looked incredibly painful and I am terribly sad.

I was actually quite sad when Jojen died. Between him and his sister, I liked him a lot better. I thought he was a good travelling companion for Bran and he had a lot to teach him. Now that he’s dead, it should be interesting to see what happens with Bran—seeing as Jojen was the main one teaching him about what he could do and his own gifts were incredibly helpful.

Speaking of Bran, what was that whole thing in the end? Those creepy skeletons? That weird child? What about that really old man? I hope these new characters are important and this bit with Bran isn’t just an unnecessary turn of events. The whole bit with Bran has potential to be really interesting.

I am also a lot more sad than I thought I would be in regards to the two of Jon’s friends from the Nightswatch dying. I really liked their friendship with Jon. The characters worked really well together and I think it’ll be very sad for Jon now that they are both dead. I was however, so incredibly happy that Ygritte was finally killed. Her character always annoyed me as she seemed very naive and I just generally dislike the Wildlings. The fact that Sam lived also made me happy as he has certainly grown on me. He has become very brave and I think his friendship with Jon will be beneficial in the next season.

While we’re talking about Jon, I am very very worried about what is going to happen to him now that Stannis is at the Wall. Even more so, I’m worried about Melisandre. That look she was giving Jon at the end was not a very good look. I’m curious what she knows about Jon—maybe his true parentage. That would be very interesting.

I was actually saddened when the Hound died as well—even though technically he was left for dead, so he’s not quite dead yet. His character really grew on me as the season went on and I will miss his interactions with Arya. They were actually quite funny together.

In regards to Arya, I am now worried about where she’s going. Travelling all alone will be very dangerous for her and I hope nothing happens—not because she’s a favourite character, but because we’ve already lost too many Starks.

When Daenerys had to lock up two of her dragons because the third had killed a child I was also saddened. I feel bad for Dany because here she is trying to liberate all of the slaves from their chains, and then she has to chain up her own dragons. It was probably easier when the Targaryen’s ruled to train their dragons as they had more people and they knew more about them. As the last of her people, she’s at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to ruling dragons. She’ll need lots of help in order to train them to her full advantage. It was very sad seeing her crying as her dragons were calling to her.

As well as Dany having to lock up her dragons, I was very sad when she told Ser Jorah to leave. I really like his character and I think it will not be a good thing having him leave. He was a very smart man and I think he had good guidance for Dany. Not to mention that he stopped spying on her a long time ago. I get that it would be hard to forgive him and trust him again, but I think she’s going to need him in the long run if she ever wants to take back her kingdom.

I think Sansa has a great opportunity at the Eyrie, aligned with Littlefinger. Though I do not trust him, I think it would be smart of Sansa to stay on his good side. He’s a very smart, cunning man who has been playing the game for a very long time, and Sansa could benefit from aligning herself with him.

Now, on to Tyrion. I was very glad that Tyrion killed Shae as I never liked her and was also pleased when he killed Tywin. Though I feel sad that Tyrion had to kill them, I think it was good that he did. Not to mention, it will make for an interesting season without Tywin. I was also glad that Jaime helped Tyrion escape, as I’ve always thought Tyrion was an interesting character. Tyrion and Jaime are the only Lannisters I can stand, so I was glad that Jaime didn’t turn his back on his brother.

I was also happy that Podric is okay. He’s actually such a funny character and I think his interactions with Brienne (as well as previously with Tyrion) add great comedic relief to such a serious show. I was kind of surprised by how much I was actually rooting for him to survive. I also think it would be funny if Podric and Gendry eventually meet.

Which leads me to my final question that I have been asking for many episodes, where in the world is Gendry? I want to know because I’m curious if they simply forgot about his storyline, or if he’s been up to something important in the time we haven’t seen him.

I absolutely loved this season of Game of Thrones. The storylines were interesting and there was so much action. I found previous seasons to have had a lot of standing around and talking—almost like Shakespeare’s soliloquies—which was often boring and I found myself not really paying attention. This season had so much happen that I could probably watch it again and find little things that I missed. All in all, season four of Game of Thrones may just be my favourite…so far.

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