Currently Reading: Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

sea of shadows

Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong is the first book in the Age of Legends series. From the description of the book, it sounds incredibly promising. Ancient evils? Check. Damned spirits? Check. Mythological creatures? Check. The story has such an interesting plot that I had really high hopes for this book.

Revolving around twin sisters, Ashyn and Moria, who get separated and then must journey to find each other through ancient lands, all the while encountering newly awakened monsters of legend, Sea of Shadows had a lot to offer. I officially started reading the book a little over a week ago, and am only around 70 pages in (which is pretty bad).

The book starts with a prologue that seems to just start right in the middle of something. The character in the prologue then isn’t introduced until chapter seven. The first eight chapters are a bit boring, and start mentioning the legends and rituals of the Keeper and the Seeker, without really describing what any of them are. I was a little lost in the first few chapters, but now that I understand what’s going on, it should be more interesting.

As I’ve said, the story has such promise, but I do not really like the way it’s written. I’m hoping that as I continue reading, more of the story will unfold, and the action/adventure will pick up a little. I also hope that things will be explained more, as the story mentions legends that I’ve never heard of, so it would be nice to have a bit more back story.

As I’m only 70 pages in, I realize this critique may be a little harsh, so optimistically my opinion will change as I continue reading. Fingers crossed (since I really want to like this book)!

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