Tinker Bell: not quite what I was expecting

While yesterday’s episode of Once Upon a Time was very good, I’m not sure how I feel about Tinker Bell.  To recap, Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Mr. Gold, and Hook ventured to Neverland in an effort to save Henry from Peter Pan (who is a little crazy and apparently very powerful).  Meanwhile, Neal was working with Mulan and Robin Hood to find a way to find Emma and Henry.


During last night’s episode we were introduced to Tinker Bell, and she is nothing like you’ve ever seen before.  Now, my favourite thing about Once Upon a Time is the way they mix together different fairy tale characters and the amount of new characters that are always being brought into the show.  Bringing Tinker Bell in was no exception.  I enjoyed the way they explained how she knew Regina from before, however, I was more than a little annoyed as well (and let me explain why).

Tinker Bell’s story starts with her saving Regina from falling off an extremely high balcony.  The two women go to town to chat and get along great.  Regina explains that she wants Snow’s head on a platter as that is the only way to get her revenge, but Tinker Bell thinks she can save Regina by showing her that she can find love again.  Tinker Bell returns home where she is confronted by the blue fairy.  The blue fairy tells Tinker Bell not to trust Regina and that there is no hope for her left.  However, Tinker Bell refuses to believe her and steals some pixie dust in order to show Regina her true love.

Tinker Bell then returns to Regina and tells her that she can help.  Regina literally states “you didn’t have to do that,” (referring to Tink stealing the pixie dust), but Tinker Bell explains that she wanted to help.  Tinker Bell uses the pixie dust to lead Regina to her true love then leaves.  Regina, however, is scared of not only finding out who the man is, but of being happy, doesn’t go inside to meet her true love and returns home.

As Tinker Bell is flying away, she is confronted by the blue fairy, who says she cannot trust Tink anymore and that she has already had her second chance.  As a result, the blue fairy strips Tinker Bell of her wings (and thus her magic), leaving a devastated Tinker Bell behind.

Now, this is the annoying part.  All this time, Tinker Bell has harboured a deep hatred for Regina, believing that it is her fault that she lost her wings.  The show flashes back to present time where Tink confronts Regina.  She states that Regina burned her and cannot understand how her friend could do that to her (her friend that she met once).  Really Tinker Bell, you went against the blue fairy all on your own.  Regina didn’t make her do anything, yet somehow it’s Regina’s fault.  I was a little annoyed that the majority of the episode centred on Tinker Bell’s imagined betrayal.  To me, Tinker Bell’s transition dark side was a little overdone.  I get that she was mad, but she only really had to herself to blame.  I guess that’s part of being a fairy though.  They feel one emotion strongly at any given point.

It makes me a little sad because aside from the reasoning behind Tinker Bell hating Regina, I really liked the episode and the fact that Tink was introduced.  I’ll just have to wait to see where the show goes next.

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