I think I love the Knave of Hearts

So let me just start by saying, I think I love the Knave of Hearts.

Tonight was the premiere of the new show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and I absolutely LOVED it—the dynamic of the characters, the beautiful scenery and imagery, not to mention the fascinating storyline.  It was so good and I’m going to explain why, but be warned:


The show is about a young girl named Alice, played by Sophie Lowe, who is locked away in an insane asylum by her father.  From the time she was a child, Alice has been going to Wonderland and taking part in various adventures.  However, when her father finds out about these whirlwind adventures, he simply thinks his daughter is making them up.  In an effort to prove to her father that Wonderland is real, Alice continuously runs away to Wonderland to bring back proof.  As she got older, her father worried more that she was mentally unstable and eventually sent her to an asylum.

During her time in Wonderland, Alice fell in love with a man named Cyrus, who you later find out is a genie—that lived in a bottle and could grant wishes (sounding familiar?).  After Cyrus is killed by the Red Queen, Alice is distraught, and ends up at home in London.

During the premiere episode, we were introduced to main characters Alice, the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat (who was seriously terrifying), the Red Queen, and my personal favourite the Knave of Hearts.  As the show went on, we discovered that Cyrus was actually saved, but captured, by Jafar (that’s right ladies and gents, Jafar captures a genie..complete with magic carpet).  These characters were extremely interesting and look like they will have great development throughout the season.

I also enjoyed the little things from Once Upon a Time that could be linked to this show, such as Emma’s crappy yellow Beetle, Storybrooke, and the Mad Hatter’s home in Wonderland.  However, my favourite part of the show so far, is the Knave of Hearts.  Played by Michael Socha, the Knave has a wonderful British accent and an equally lovely personality.  I enjoyed the way the character held himself (and said bloody hell a lot) and added a bit of that sassy, sarcastic personality that every show needs.  I was glad to see him redeem himself (after having stolen Alice’s shoes which held three wishes) by coming back and saving Alice from the Cheshire Cat.

Overall, I think this show has what it takes to last and I will definitely be watching again.

2 thoughts on “I think I love the Knave of Hearts

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